Facility and Resource

          All the equipment and facility required for the program are equipped in the laboratories of Departments of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

Department of Mathematics:
Computer Practice Room

Department of Physics
Optics Teaching Laboratory, Modern Physics Laboratory, Electricity and Magnetism Laboratory, Applied Electronic Laboratory, General Physics Laboratory, Electronics Laboratory, Dielectric Material Research Laboratory, Soft Condensed Matter Laboratory, Superconductor Physics Laboratory, Opto-electric Research Laboratory, Laboratory for Electronic and Atomic Structures, Optical Research Laboratory, SEMSEM & EDS Laboratory, Nano-Material Laboratory, Low Temperature Physics Laboratory, Graduate Research Room for EXAFS Lab., Laboratory for Semiconductor Materia, Material Modeling Laboratory, Magnetic Measurement for High Tc Superconductors, Condensed Matter Laboratory
Department of Chemistry
Electroanalysis Laboratory, General Chemistry Laboratory, Biochemistry Laboratory, Organic Chemistry Laboratory, Instrumental Analysis Laboratory, Organic Synthesis Laboratory,Physical Chemistry Laboratory, Precision Instrument Center, Solid State Chemistry Laboratory, Liquid Crystal Material Laboratory, BioInorganic Chemistry Laboratory, Inorganic & Material Chemistry Laboratory, Materials Chemistry Laboratory, Quantum Simulation and Nano-Informatics Laboratory, Organic Material and Medicinal Synthesis Laboratory, Biosensors & Organic Optoelectronic Materials Laboratory

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